Hungry for growth? The ideal ERP for food and beverage manufacturers 

ideal ERP for food and beverage manufacturers

Discover how food and beverage manufacturing is enhanced by combining SAP Business One with ProcessForce.

Australia’s food and beverage manufacturing industry continues to flourish, with strong growth, customer demand, and increasing exports

Yet food processors aren’t immune to the problems that hamper all manufacturers—like rising energy, input, and labour costs. Businesses producing food and beverages must also deal with issues such as climate variability’s impact on the availability of ingredients, and strict food safety requirements.

Capitalising on growth opportunities while managing risk is critical. How can your food and beverage manufacturing business gain a competitive edge? You need business systems that help you develop the right products to a high standard; deliver on-time and in-full, and minimise downtime and errors. 

SAP Business One together with ProcessForce offers an unrivalled suite of features for process manufacturing, within one user-friendly platform.

Get your food and beverage business in fine form with SAP Business One

Successfully producing goods to a formula or recipe requires precision. But attention to detail and timing matters at every step for food and beverage processors, from product development through to dispatch. 

That’s why your business will benefit from an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that caters specifically to food and beverage manufacturers. Especially if your goal is growth: spreadsheets and manual systems won’t cut it if you want to process larger and increasingly more complex orders while maintaining safety and quality.

SAP Business One is a globally recognised solution that’s built on modern technologies and designed to be more open and configurable. That’s so businesses can implement core ERP modules and then easily integrate perfectly matched integrated applications like ProcessForce.  

SAP Business One and ProcessForce enables you to manage and improve scheduling and production, quality control and traceability—and connect these workflows to enterprise-wide business functions such as finance, reporting, sales, inventory management, and purchasing.

It’s an impressive combination that will bring your team, techniques, and technologies together seamlessly, helping you to optimise your operations and exceed customer expectations. 

SAP Business One plus ProcessForce provides you with:

  • Richer and more reliable data about your products and supply chain.
  • The ability to manage highly complex recipes and precise processes.
  • Visibility and tools to plan and analyse the entire production process.
  • Multi-level quality control for superb oversight.
  • Full audibility of processes and inventory at any time.
  • Robust analytics and forecasting tools.

Bring new products to market confidently with SAP Business One and ProcessForce

Consumer preferences evolve and food and beverage manufacturing businesses need to keep up. Australia’s Chair of the Food and Agribusiness Industry Growth Centre, Peter Schultz, recently pointed to immense opportunities for small to medium food manufacturers that innovate to develop high-value, niche products.

In part it’s about the kinds of goods you produce—for instance, a recent agribusiness bulletin from Deloitte highlighted that demand for craft beer, marinated meat, and wine was growing rapidly. But demonstrating value to consumers is also tied closely to labelling.

People expect more when it comes to information about health and safety, with an increased demand for plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free, reduced sugar, and ‘natural’ products. Both consumers and regulators are putting more scrutiny on what’s inside food and drinks, and how they’re produced. 

ProcessForce enables precise ingredient calculations and declarations so you can:

  • Confidently and accurately declare ingredients for products and revisions.
  • Identify the country of origin, nutrients, calories, fat content and daily values on products.
  • Highlight special qualifiers such as vegan, kosher, and halal.
  • List allergens, trace allergens and set up alerts and warnings.
  • Manage pack serving sizes, portions and volumes.
  • Include special storage conditions on labels.

Ensure quality and compliance across your business and the extended value chain 

Businesses following a HACCP-based safety program and concerned about meeting evolving food standards, need systems that help them to manage risks, maintain the integrity of their record-keeping, and respond quickly to quality issues and recalls.

Specialist compliance lawyer Amelia Edwards told BrewNews that co-manufacturing relationships or handing products over to a distributor is a key area of risk for brewers when it comes to managing recalls—because they can lose control of their supply chain.

Being prepared for when things go wrong is critical. In part that comes down to how effectively you manage data, the efficacy of your quality control, and whether your systems provide upstream and downstream transparency. 

SAP Business One and ProcessForce help you handle complex food safety regulatory requirements in a straightforward manner, within one unified business management system that’s easy to use. 

SAP Business One and ProcessForce assists with compliance by enabling you to:

  • Integrate compliance management for FDA, EFSA, FSANZ, ECHA, EPA, HACCP and more.
  • Create alerts and manage testing at multiple points in the product lifecycle.
  • Automate the creation of test forms, define complex rules and designate inspectors.
  • Customise test results, manage batch and serial numbers. 
  • Manage batch control, shelf-life management, and batch traceability

Is your food processing business growing in complexity and in dire need of more integrated business systems? Talk to the experienced Leverage Technologies team now.